The Island of Dreams

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CAPRI, ITALY – Capri island became famous as the vacation hideaway of Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius. In the 19th century, it was the final destination of romantic aged aristocrats on their Grand Tour of Europe. These days, the island is a world-class tourist trap, packed with reporter visitors searching for the rich and famous, and finding only the prices. 

The Island of Dreams is fully packed in July and August, other times of the year it provides a relaxing and scenic break from the cultural offer of Italy.

The island is small, just 4 miles away from Sorrento peninsula, divided by a narrow stream. There are only two times to speak of, Capri and Anacapri.

 The island also has some scant Roman ruins a few interesting churches and villas. The best popular attraction is its famous Blue Grotto, and it’s best activity is chairlift (funicular) up the island’s Monte Solaro followed by a  scenic hike down.

 Planing your day trip to Capri, the best way is to take an early jet boat from Naples harbor. You will get oriented on board before you dock. The dock name is Marina Grande. In order to experience the most of Capri after disembarking the boat, go directly to Blue Grotto and than catch a bus from Grotto to Anacapri and ride the chairlift to Monte Solare.

 If you like to visit the town you can go stright by walking or using the funicular. 

Capri town fills the ridge  high above the harbor. Emperor Tiberius Palace ruins, Villa Jovis, apear on the left. The dramatic road arcs around the highest mountain on the island – Monte Solare, on the right heading up to Anacapri, the second island’s town.  Notice the zig-zag steps that date from ancient times below the road. The white house on the ridge above the stairs is Villa San Michele.

Capri Town is a cute but touristy shoping  town. The funicular drops you just around the corner from Square Umberto – the towns main Square.  From the City Hall – Municipio, a lane leads into the medieval part of town, which has plenty of restaurants. The lane past the many-domed church and so called ‘Rodeo Drive’ the fashion shopping strip. Walk down Rodeo Drive to Quisisana Hotel, island’s top old time hotel, then go left down a lane lined with elegant villas for the ‘Beverly Hills walk’. Visit Emperor Tiberius ruined villa, Villa Jovis, a 45-minutes scenic hike distance from Capri town. Tiberius in A. D. 30 ruled Rome from this place for a decade. There are no statues and no mosaics, only evocative stones and a perfect view.

Anacapri is the Capri’s second town located more inland with no sea views. The two most representative sightseeings are Villa San Michele and St. Michael’s Church.

Villa St. Michele is a 19th century mansion offering an insight into the scene when this place was the only comfortable refuge for Europe’s artsy gay community. St. Michael church with its remarkable majolica floor showes paradise on earth in a classic 18th century Neapolitan style. Another favorite place to visit in Anacapri’s surrounding is the lighthouse Faro, at cemetery stop if you chose to reach it by bus. Here you can enjoy a perfect sunset in a private beach setting with pool, a small restaurant and a few fisherman. 

From Anacapri, ride the chairlift to the summit of Monte Solaro for a commanding view of the Bay of Naples. At the summit, you’ll enjoy the best panorama possible- lush cliffs busy with seagulls enjoying the ideal nesting point.

During the summer peak, three thousand tourists a day pay about 20 eur and spend a couple of hours visiting Capri’s Blue Grotto. The actual cave experience isn’t much – a five minute dinghy ride through a three-foot-high entry hole to  reach a 60 yard long cave, where the sun brilliantly blue on its limestone bottom. But the experience of getting there, in and back is a real pleasure. You’ll understand why Roman emperors appreciated the invulnerability of the island, surrounded with only one access point and therefore easy to defend. Depending upon the strength of the sunshine that day, the blue light inside is brilliant. 


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