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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Stockholm is the city of green and blue. This is where sea meets lake. A big part of the city is covered by green open spaces, and  a peaceful park is never far away. Stockholm is built on 14 Islands, linked together by 57 bridges and presence of water is always tangible. You can feel it in the air and see it reflected in the light. It’s easy to move between the different parts of the city and many of its attractions can be reached on foot. Stockholm is both pulse and tranquillity. But the best thing about the city is perhaps it’s beauty and architecture.

To enjoy the large greenery during a walk on the island of Royal Djurgarden to discover the archipelago a warm summer’s day or watch the sun rising above the sea a fall day as the fog lifts. Or to wander in alleys covered by snow in the Old Town and feel the smell from the Christmas market at Stortorget – its magic.

Stockholm shows many different faces depending on the season, but they are all equally beautiful.

If you have 24-hours to spend in Stockholm and want to get a real feel for the city’s atmosphere, read on. Below you will find a few gems that you don’t want to miss.
Start by visiting the Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel Prize banquet  is held every year. The impressive building, characterised by its distinctive tower, is beautifully situated by the water. You can climb the City Hall Tower, from where you get a fantastic view over Stockholm.

Then continue to Stockholm’s oldest attraction, the Old Town. It is one of the world’s best preserved medieval city centres, filled with narrow alleys and crooked houses. Grab the opportunity to take a look at Marten Trotzig’s Alley, the narrowest alley in town. Wander about the  beautiful streets and squares among the  handicraft shops and arcades. Visit the church Storkyrkan and the Royal Palace and take a coffee break at one of the many cozy coffee shops you find here.

Another must is to see Stockholm from the water. Stockholm is built on 14 islands and the sea views are amazing. Hop on a sightseeing boat and let it take you on a tour around Djurgarden or Kungsholmen. At Djurgarden take the opportunity to walk along the beautiful channel Djurdgardskanalen. Then continue up to  cozy Rosendal have coffee at theeir Garden Cafe or bring a picnic and enjoy it in the grass among the apple trees.

You  should also take the opportunity to visit Scandinavia’s most frequented Museum, the Vasa Museum, situated on the green island of Djurgarden.

Vasa Museum houses the Royal Ship Vasa, which went down on its Maiden voyage just outside Stockholm in the 17th century and was retreived from the sea 333 years later.

Besides the ship, there are nine separate exhibitions about life in Sweden in the 17th century as well as life on board. The exciting atmosphere will make the visit on experience for young and old alike.

In the Stockholm area, there are three places included on UNESCO world heritage list of places considered having universal value. Birka, located on island Bjorko often named Sweden’s first real city and during the Viking age the most important centre of commerce for the whole region of Malardalen.
Drottningholm, often called the Versailles of Nordic region, is home for the Swedish Royal Family. The Palace was built in 17th century. It has a magnificent garden with many unique and beautiful buildings, including the Palace Theatre and the China Pavilion.

Visit Skogskyrkogarden, a very beautiful and poetic place, a cemetery created by the architect Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. It conveys a  beautiful sense of nature, life and death and is counted as one of the most important creations of modernistic architecture.

A cozy way of finding that real Christmas Spirit is a visit to Christmas markets. From late November you will find classic Christmas fairs with mulled wine and handicraft in the Old Town, at Scansen, in Kungstrag garden and also on many islands in the archipelago. The art and design schools Konsfak and Beckmans also have popular Christmas markets, where students sell their own design, art and handicraft.
Many places in Stockholm offer a magical view over the city. Take the steps up the whole way to the city Hall Tower or go for a ride with Sky view along the side of the  world’s largest spherical building – Globen. On  the height of Soder, you will find fuel Fjallgatan with it’s beautiful view over Saltsjon. Monteliusvagen is a ‘winding footpath’ along the side of Mariaberget at Sodermalm, wonderful at sunset. In the middle of Vasterbron you’ll get a nice view of the whole city.

Stockholm is a real Mecca for shopping, it is a creative City featuring many big names in fashion and design that all make an imprint on the Scandinavian style. Stockholm is ground breaking a new trends are constantly set here. Regardless of whether you are looking for high street or small boutiques, new or vintage, Stockholm is filled with fantastic shopping in nice areas where you can wander around for hours.
If you are looking for the bigger chains or high street brands, or want to browse the older department stores and well filled malls, head for the city. Most of what you’re looking for, you will find in the area around Sergels Torg. Here is Drottninggatan, a pedestrian street filled with shops and department stores. Most of Sweden’s big fashion brands are present here.

One of Stockholm’s most visited quarters is Sodermalm. It is a cozy part of the city with a relaxed atmosphere. Old, small shops are found side by side with the big fashion brands and second hand stores, wall to wall with high end brands filled with the latest fashion.

Ostermalm is the most exclusive part of Stockholm. Among the magnificient, old buildings in the area you will find many luxurious shops and whole shopping districts with all the big international brands. Take a walk on the promenade on beautiful Strandvagen, pass the Dramaten theater and continue towards Stureplan and Ostermalmstorg.
That way you will cover most of the shopping and atmosphere.
Stockholm is of the most popular European cities for events. Everyday, all year round, some 200 events are held here – big or small, on different stages and arenas. Some of them also take place on water, on the islands, in the archipelago, in the many city parks and the green open spaces. Annual events include, the Stockholm marathon, the Offshore race, the Polar Music Prize, the Nobel Prize, the Summer Burst Festival, the Culture Festival.
A short trip from Stockholm, you’ll find small towns, historic settings, castles and beautiful surroundings, just waiting to be discovered. Regardless of whether you travel by train, car boat or bus, you will reach many destinations offering nice and memorable experiences within one hour travel distance. Check out for Roslagen, Mariefred, Eskilstuna, Varmdo  and Nykoping as the most visited tourist highlighted areas.


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  1. Have you been there? Scandinavia has always been a trip I wanted to take. The whole region seems so beautiful, so scenic. Stockholm looks like a great city to visit although I think I would prefer the countryside. On my list, but I haven’t made it yet.

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    1. It is with a reason that we chose Stockholm.
      Sweden’s stunning capital is awash with beautiful buildings. There’s Gamla Stan, the picturesque Old Town, which is home to some of Stockholm’s most impressive architecture including the Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, the Opera House and historic Storkyrkan cathedral. Stockholm is listed at the top comparing 31 cities around the world on aspects of ICT maturity, economy, social development and environmental progress, followed closely by London, Singapore and Paris. You’ve been privileged to live in a such a beautiful city.


  2. I couldn’t agree more
    This blog post was a great read! I especially enjoyed the section about visiting Stockholm’s Oldest Attraction, The Old Town. The photos are stunning and really capture the beauty and history of the area. I was wondering, what other UNESCO world heritage listed sites are there in the Stockholm area?


    1. There are total of 15 listed World Heritage Sites in Sweden with an outstanding value to humanity out of which the first three are located in Stockholm. Sweden UNESCO world sites as follows:

      -The Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm
      – Royal Domain of Drottningholm
      – Skogskyrkogarten in Stockholm
      – Birka and Hovgården in Stockholm
      – Naval Port of Karlskrona
      – Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland
      – Hanseatic Town of Visby
      – Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg
      – Rock Carvings in Tanum
      – Mining Area of the Great Copper Mountain in Falun
      – Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland
      – The High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago
      – Church Town of Gammelstad, Luleå
      – Laponian Area, Swedish Lapland
      – Struve Geodetic Arc


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