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NGORONGORO, TANZANIA – There are hardly many safari locations that offer the same experience as the Crater of Ngorongoro. The Ngorongoro Crater offers some of the simplest and most gratifying wildlife viewing in East Africa, sure, there are larger and wilder parks, but this one won’t let you down.

The Ngorongoro is easily accessible from Arusha, Tanzania, and is a great place for families, first-time safari tourists, and independent travellers. It’s estimated that 30,000 species call the crater’s ancient volcanic caldera home, predators abound, and seeing the Big five in a single day is not unheard of.

A permission is needed in order to enter the Ngorongoro Crater. You can enter the park between 6 AM and 6 PM once you have the permission. It takes a half to full day to cover the crater’s main pathways. We are happy to direct you to our Tanzania National Park Fees & Permits page for a comprehensive summary of the admission costs to Tanzania’s national parks, including the Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and others.
The duration of your NCA permit is 24 hours. Before travelling to the Serengeti, you could visit the Ngorongoro Crater in that amount of time, but you would need to plan your visit carefully. Driving takes two to three hours from Ngorongoro to Serengeti. Thus, we suggest that you arrive at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the late afternoon, begin your crater safari early the next day, and depart in plenty of time to travel to the Serengeti.

The crater is home to the Ngorongoro’s animals all year round.
Therefore, considering how many people and vehicles to bring along for the experience is more important when selecting the best time for a safari than it is about getting the most wildlife viewing.

April and May are the ideal months to explore Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater.

Another great safari experience is offered in east Zambia. The Luangwa River valley in east Zambia is home to South Luangwa National Park. This magnificent game-rich park has an abundance of spectacular and fascinating topography, with the Muchinga Escarpment enclosing its western and northwest boundary and the meandering Luangwa River lining its southern border. It’s well-known for having a wealth of fauna.

Hippos are frequently crammed into the river inside the Mfuwe Gate entry. There are hundreds of kinds of birds living in the wooded savannah. Paths that go from the park’s lodges pass rare Thornicroft’s giraffes, herds of elephants, and baobab trees. When darkness falls, the leopard population is located using spotlights.
The lifeblood of this region is the Luangwa River, which is the most intact river in Africa, together with it’s tributaries and lagoons. You shouldn’t miss this dynamic and captivating region of the world because of the shifting seasons, which include the “dry” season in the winter and the “emerald” season in the summer.

It is significant to remember that there is a stunning culture in addition to the stunning landscape. Travellers may expect a warm and sincere welcome from the nice and welcoming people of Zambia.

The Moremi Game Reserve, located in Botswana at the centre of the Okavango Delta, protects the best area in Africa for game viewing.
Pans, floodplains, lagoons, grasslands, acacia tree forests, savannahs, and dense mopane woodlands make up the Moremi Game Reserve.

The Moremi animal Reserve, which is jutting into the Okavango Delta, protects the best area in Africa for animal viewing.

Leopard by Michael Siebert

This region, which was created in 1963 by the Batwana tribal leaders, served to safeguard the Delta’s customary hunting grounds. The game reserve is well-protected and offers a heaven for a variety of African wildlife species.
More than 400 bird species found in the Okavango are found in the Moremi Game Reserve. These species include the crested crane, sacred ibis, and African fish eagle. The wide variety of fish, animal, bird, insect, plant, and reptile species found in the Okavango Delta have adapted to the swampy environment.

Ngorongoro and Karatu are home to hundreds of wonderful lodges.
There are numerous ways to stay in South Luangwa National Park as well. One option would be a fantastic, out-of-the-way tented camp complete with outdoor showers, alfresco dining areas, and close-range encounters with wildlife or a simple Africa family holiday accommodation. Alternatively, you may like an opulent lodge featuring a formal dining area, a huge bathtub, and exquisite plunge pools. Most people agree that the greatest places to have a genuine safari experience are tented camps. With five to twenty tents, the majority of opulent tented camps are compact. Though it may be difficult for you to choose amongst these magnificent locations, remember that every lodge in South Luangwa National Park offers breathtaking vistas, superb bush cuisine, and friendly service.

Dinning Lodge by Ralf Rybak

While many camps and lodges still use comfortable Meru tents in the classic style—such as Footsteps Across the Delta—radical modern wood and canvas designs, like those found at Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, have gained popularity in recent years.

Prior booking the flight to Africa, passengers have a wide range of flying options at their disposal. Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, will always be a good starting point (LUN). Lusaka Airport is connected to Johannesburg, South Africa (South African Airways) and Nairobi, Kenya (Kenya Airways) several times a day. A daily Emirates flight from and to Dubai and a daily Ethiopian Airlines aircraft from and to Addis Abeba are two more international links.

Some useful safari tips:
– before traveling to Africa check the entry permission to the African country you choose to travel. Visas are required by nationals of most foreign countries;
– food and other items should never be left outside your tent during the night as this can draw in predators. When on safari, be mindful of your surroundings because it can be harmful;
– if you are staying in a tented camp or tent camping, spend the night in your tent. Lot of predators hunt at night, staying inside is safer.
– don’t try to touch the animals or feed them;
– If it’s a driving safari, stay in your car!

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