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QUEBEC, CANADA – A UNESCO  World Heritage Site, Quebec is considered as one of the World’s 20 most romantic destinations and is as pleasant to tour on foot as it is in a horse-drawn carriage. The Old Quebec will win you over with its history, culture, flair and European charm. 

You can go for a stroll along the Dufferin Terrace at the top of Cap Diamond and look out over the St. Lawrence River stretched out far below. The Dufferin Terrace on the site of Fort St. Louis was built by Champlain in 1620. On this same side his successor Montmagny, built a castle which served as residence to new France governors for two centuries. Unfortunately, the castle was destroyed by fire in 1834. Four years later Lord Durham, who was Governor at that time had a promenade build here which was enlarged and renovated several times over the years. 

Dufferin Terrace provide magnificent views on the river and surrounding area and can be accessed by the funicular – cable car.

 The Old City’s past is everywhere you turn, down each Street and on each monument, site and building. The French and English regimes lift their mark on this part of town, which is still remarkably well preserved after 400 years. 

A stroll down the Narrow streets will be like a trip through time as you pass silent witnesses to different aspects of the city’s history, including religious and military. As you explore Old Quebec you will become acquainted with its most well-known anecdotes and most closely guarded secrets. 

The very impressive historical architecture sites in Old Quebec is called Place Royale. 

Place Royale is the cradle of civilisation in North America. In 1608 Samuel de Champlain began the construction of the first permanent settlement in New France building a  small fort at the top of Cap Diamant. Rich merchants set up shop in these public square, and called it Place du Marche and started brisk business. After a bust of King Louis XIV  was installed here in 1686, and the public square changed its name  as Place Royale. The merchants, ship owners and shipbuilders established in place Royale during the English regime  transforming it into a trade hub. The recent look this picturesque quart of the old Town has got it in 1960’s when its narrow streets and architecture were fully rehabilitated. 

While exploring the Old City you will come across gorgeous heritage sites and a wide variety of boutiques and shops where you will  find the perfect souvenir of your trip. Every district, every historic street, is a trove of mercantile treasures. As you wander from store to store, you will discover a dizzying array of paintings and engravings, antiques, blown glass articles, wooden sculptures, jewelry, furs and products of fur. The boutiques, art galleries, find grocery stores and shopping centres in Quebec City have so much to offer. 

Art can be found nearly everywhere in the Old city, from stone to wooden sculptures watercolours and paintings, contemporary art, figurines and naive art. Choose from among the stunning array of works by local or international artist at the dozens of art galleries in Quartier Petite – Champagne, the Old Port, the Saints Roch district and Old Quebec, in addition to those at open-air gallery on rue du Tresor. 

Talented and imaginative are the words that best describe the artisans in the Greater Quebec area, who showcase their handiwork at boutiques in the downtown Old Quebec and Old  Port. These masters of their craft be it ceramic, clothing, jewellery or leather goods are eager to share their creative vision with you.

Old Quebec is a picturesque backdrop  for a romantic tete-a-tete or dinner out with the family. 

As you explore the city during your stay, wandering down cobblestone streets and through public markets, you will encounter  the darring- do of Quebec culinary artisans. You can stop to chat with this affable individuals while you sample their edible masterpieces. Gourmets and connoisseurs  will appreciate the flavourful maple products, chocolates, local delicacies, cheeses, wines and liquers. 


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