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POSTE DE FLACQ, MAURITIUS – Situated in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa, is the stunning island nation of Mauritius. This republic speaks English, French, and Mauritian Creole and it’s usually preferred by tourists seeking sun, sand, and sea.

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The cuisine has very high standards and is heavily influenced by French, Creole, Indian, Chinese, and even English flavors, nonetheless, fruit, meat, vegetables, and the ever-popular fresh seafood are frequently imported.

While the main ingredients of Creole recipes include tomatoes, onion, ginger, and a mild spice palette, Mauritian dishes span from curries to coq au vin to noodles and English bacon due to the variety of influences.

Mauritius is characterized with year-round gorgeous tropical weather. To find out when is the best time to visit Mauritius, you need to know the two different seasons that prevail on the island: the pleasant season with dry winters from May to September and the hot season with sultry summers from October to April. Summer is when the majority of the rain falls.

Mauritius offers options for all price ranges. Although you can save money by taking the bus, staying in modest accommodation, and purchasing products from local shops and markets, most tourists who visit Mauritius end up spending more. Going out for lunch is a more cost-effective choice, as hotel restaurants often serve food at Western prices. You’ll also need to budget for meals, transportation, and day trips. Mauritius Island’s relaxed beaches end in gorgeous turquoise lagoons. To explore the seabed, don’t forget to bring your flippers, mask, and snorkel.

The currency unit is the Mauritian rupee -MUR, which is divided into 100 cents. Prices for hotels are quoted in euros or rupees, in larger establishments payment is possible in Euros.

Mauritius is a “cyber island” and all hotels, resorts, most guesthouses and restaurants in the main tourist area have high-speed internet connections. However, some may charge a fee for this or it may only be available in some regions. Internet cafes are rare in places without a travel scene, instead, they are typically located in shopping centers. Therefore, it might be more practical to have an internet connection available at post offices in tourist destinations.

Located some 35 km to the east from the primary airport of Mauritius – Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport ( MRU ), also called Plaisance Airport, is location of one of the most remarkable chain 5 stars Indian Ocean Hotels & Resorts, Constance Prince Maurice. The best way to get from Mauritius Airport (MRU) to Poste de Flacq without a car is with taxi which takes 43 min drive and costs $120 – $150. Poste de Flacq is a small village located on the east coast of the island of Mauritius, and is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius, with crystal-clear waters, and plenty of water sports activities.

With Constance, stay at award-winning hotels, enjoy exceptional experiences and even have your entire trip planned to the very last detail.

With it’s rich history, vibrant colors and authentic flavours, Mauritius tops many travelers bucket lists. There’s no better way to make those dreams a reality than with Constance Hotels & Resorts, which has long defined luxury on the subcontinent. In 2020 Constance Hotels & Resorts was recognised globally and considered as the Oscars of the hospitality industry, the World Luxury Hotel Awards established the global standard for first-rate amenities and unparalleled service. Four iconic hotels Constance Halaveli, Constance Tsarabanjina, Constance Belle Mare Plage and Constance Ephelia were awarded with “Global Win in Luxury Water Villa Resort”, “Global Win in Luxury Private Island Resort’’,”Continent Win in Luxury Golf Resort” and “Continent Win in Luxury Spa Resort” prize, while Constance Ephelia Spa earned ‘’Regional Win in Luxury Resort Spa’’. These honors provide witness to the team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and quality in offering customers first-rate service and authentic experiences.

Extraordinary service and a laser-sharp attention to detail are some of the reasons why guests rave about their Constance stays, so it makes perfect sense for the brand to also help craft your Mauritius experience from start to finish. With Constance Exotic vacations itineraries, you can choose from both suggested and custom journeys that include insider insights and unforgettable activities, from flying down the island’s longest ziplines, to climbing up the Via Ferrata, before clipping into the canyon swing, touring the Casela park on a Segway or hike the Black river Gorges National Park. Truly amazing!

The village of Riviere du Rempart located in the north – eastern part of the island, is one the most visited natural site in Mauritius. This small community is best known for Pointe des Lascars Hindu Spiritual Park, which offers a peaceful spot for contemplation accompanied by soothing sea views. It is only 20 km away from the Hotel and is worth a visit.

In addition to perenntial favourites like their stunning idyllic hotel of Constance Prince Maurice itineraries now also include an exciting choice for tropical add-on, and one of a luxurious layover. Beside Constance Hotel & Resorts, Port Louis, Trou Aux Biches, Belle Mare Plage Beach and Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel, are the most popular tourist destinations in Mauritius.

Eight km to the south, on the opposite side of the village is located the second of the Constance chain Hotels & Resorts, the beautiful Belle Mare Plage. Head to Constance Belle Mare Plage for a relaxing journey alond the island’s lush green foliage, and sandy yellow beaches, featuring deluxe cabins and nightly cultural performances. Before or after your Mauritius adventure, enjoy a leisurely layover at the Constance Spa, a contemporary retreat with elegant rooms, chick restaurant and not-to-miss spa where treatments draw an Ayurvedic, Balinese and Western traditions.


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