Royal balloon ride

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CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY – Exploring all these beautiful sites during an incredible balloon trip is an ,,out-of-this-world” experience.

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Balloon trips have become more popular since the Ballooning Championship that was organised in Cappadocia in 1997. The skilled pilots of this hot air balloons having up and down control enable you to have an unbelievable tour. The balloons sometimes soar to 3000 feet and at other times touch treetops, utilising ground wind or high-altitude winds to travel overland in the desired direction. The balloons generally depart in the early hours of morning from Goreme Valley, and passengers enjoy the sunrise above the enchanting geography of Cappadocia and with a birth’s eyeview they follow the anncient breathtaking fairy chimneys and the settlements of Urgup, Avanos, Chavusin, Zelve, Goreme emerging out the darkness, washed over by the glorious sunshine.


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